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Justice Department Drops Senator Menendez Bribery Case

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  • Prosecutors abandon case after judge dismissed some charges
  • N.J. Democrat’s legal cloud removed as he faces re-election

U.S. prosecutors told a judge they want to drop a federal corruption case against U.S. Senator Robert Menendez rather than retry him after a divided jury failed to reach a verdict last year.

The decision lifts a legal cloud over the New Jersey Democrat as he faces re-election in November and represents a quiet surrender by prosecutors who pursued a criminal case against him for five years.

“From the very beginning, I never wavered in my innocence and my belief that justice would prevail,” Menendez said in a written statement. “I am grateful that the Department of Justice has taken the time to reevaluate its case and come to the appropriate conclusion. I thank God for hearing my prayers and for giving me strength during this difficult time.”

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Rosenstein — Agent of the Deep State Coup

By Daniel John Sobieski

The confirmation of Rod Rosenstein to be Deputy Attorney General by a lopsided 94-6 vote should have set off warning bells. It is odd that a Trump nominee would get much Democratic support, if any. But his role in appointing his buddy Robert Mueller to lead a bogus Russian collusion probe and his history of looking the other way when Hillary Clinton is involved shows the Democrats had high hopes for Rosenstein, hopes realized by actions documented in the four-page House Intelligence Committee memo:

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