Pentagon agency can’t account for $800 million in spending: Report

by Melissa Quinn |

A division of the Department of Defense lost track of more than $800 million in construction projects financed for the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies, according to an internal audit.

The audit, conducted by Ernst & Young and obtained by Politico, found the Defense Logistics Agency had misstatements on its books related to construction projects that totaled at least $465 million. The audit also found the Defense Logistics Agency lacked sufficient documentation for $384 million in spending for construction projects deemed “in progress.”

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Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito Butt Heads Over the Fourth Amendment, Again

Gorsuch advances another property rights theory of the Fourth Amendment that Alito rejects.

A major split seems to be developing between conservative justices Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito over the issue of property rights and the Fourth Amendment.

The most recent evidence of this division came on January 9, when the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Byrd v. United States. This case arose in 2014, when a woman named Natasha Reed rented a car and allowed her fiancé, Terrence Byrd, to drive it in violation of her rental contract, which listed her as the sole authorized driver. When the state police stopped Byrd for a minor traffic infraction, the officer searched the trunk and discovered heroin and several flak jackets. Byrd is fighting to have that evidence thrown out as the fruits of an illegal search.

Deputy AG Rosenstein Threatened to Subpoena GOP Intel Reps’ Calls and Texts

By Debra Heine February 3, 2018

Highly placed congressional sources are telling Fox News personalities off the record that last month, out of frustration, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to subpoena the communication records of Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee. If true, the threat could constitute an abuse of power or even obstruction, a Fox News legal analyst says.

On Fox Business’ “Making Money” Friday, conservative talk show host David Webb said a “highly placed congressional source” told him that during a January 10, 2018, meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Rosenstein, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes were in attendance, Rosenstein got so irritated by the requests for outstanding documents that he threatened to subpoena Congress and launch an investigation.



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President Trump Raises Tariffs – Media Shocked To Learn New Facilities Being Built In US To Avoid Them

JinkoSolar said in a statement Monday that its board of directors had given the go-ahead to “finalize planning for the construction of an advanced solar manufacturing facility in the U.S.” The statement suggested Jinko’s decision was tied to the new tariffs, saying that the company “continues to closely monitor treatment of imports of solar cells and modules under the U.S. trade laws.”

Let me begin by saying that I don’t agree with President Trump’s view of trade. I think lower tariffs and taxes are always better, and I believe that we should trade freely with every nation and people on this planet.


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Who Really Created the Trump Dossier?

Was it really a British intel agent or a Clinton political operative?

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

In the very early nineties, the Democrats were as obsessed with cocaine as they are now are with Russia. The cocaine in question was alleged to have been bought by Vice President Dan Quayle. The 1992 election was coming up. The decades of corruption, slime and lies by the Clinton’s were about to pay off.

But that’s not how it looked then.

President George H.W. Bush was enjoying high approval ratings. Bill Clinton would weasel and claw his way to the front of the line largely because the election seemed like a lot cause for the Democrats.

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The New York Times’ Fact-Check Fail

The NYT’s “fact-checking” article on Trump’s SOTU address deserves special ridicule.

By:Matthew Vadum

Conservatives already knew reporters at the New York Times were a joke, but their fact-checking article on President Trump’s first State of the Union address deserves to be held up to special ridicule.

The spectacle of a State of the Union address – especially a wildly successful one that seems to be boosting the standing of the one who delivered it – gave the Times the opportunity to conveniently deny Trump credit for his accomplishments all in one place, instead of spreading the niggardly naysaying out over days of articles.

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Here’s The Secret Republican Memo Seeking To Discredit The Mueller Investigation

On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee finally revealed the secret Republican memo that’s been making waves in Washington, DC to the public. The three and a half page document alleges that the FBI and Justice Department misled a FISA court judge about their intelligence on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page in order to obtain a surveillance warrant.

The memo says that in obtaining the warrant, neither the FBI nor the Justice Department revealed that their information was partially sourced by the Christopher Steele dossier, an explosive document created by a former British intelligence agent at the behest of the DNC and the Clinton presidential campaign which detailed partially unverified accounts of collusion and misconduct by the Trump campaign and the Russian government.



Here’s the memo with the White House’s letter:



The Intelligence agencies’ pressures on President Trump to block the House of Representatives’ decision to release a summary of the FBI’s highly classified misdeeds are instructive comedy. The House’s decision shows what no one should ever have doubted: the FBI, CIA, etc. are not the source of authority over America’s secrets. They merely administer secrets and clearances on behalf of the one and only authority over the Executive Branch: The President of the United States. He clears them — not the other way around. Congress, as a co-equal, popularly elected branch of government, may hold or release such information as it chooses, and pay such attention as it chooses to the President’s opinions. Thus far, the Constitution.

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Justice Department Drops Senator Menendez Bribery Case

Updated on
  • Prosecutors abandon case after judge dismissed some charges
  • N.J. Democrat’s legal cloud removed as he faces re-election

U.S. prosecutors told a judge they want to drop a federal corruption case against U.S. Senator Robert Menendez rather than retry him after a divided jury failed to reach a verdict last year.

The decision lifts a legal cloud over the New Jersey Democrat as he faces re-election in November and represents a quiet surrender by prosecutors who pursued a criminal case against him for five years.

“From the very beginning, I never wavered in my innocence and my belief that justice would prevail,” Menendez said in a written statement. “I am grateful that the Department of Justice has taken the time to reevaluate its case and come to the appropriate conclusion. I thank God for hearing my prayers and for giving me strength during this difficult time.”

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Rosenstein — Agent of the Deep State Coup

By Daniel John Sobieski

The confirmation of Rod Rosenstein to be Deputy Attorney General by a lopsided 94-6 vote should have set off warning bells. It is odd that a Trump nominee would get much Democratic support, if any. But his role in appointing his buddy Robert Mueller to lead a bogus Russian collusion probe and his history of looking the other way when Hillary Clinton is involved shows the Democrats had high hopes for Rosenstein, hopes realized by actions documented in the four-page House Intelligence Committee memo:

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