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The Character of our Government

January 29 2021

By Russell M. Scott, Owner:

Why is it that massive  corruption and criminal acts are being committed every day after day by our so-called elected leaders?

It’s all types of corruption like influence peddling, cronyism ,electoral fraud, sedition or just plan outright treason. This crap continues right under our noses, I know most American read about it, I know most American see on the news,  We do– NOTHING–. We let our elected leaders lie and lie about everything and anything all the time.  It seem to me we have NO Political Will hold them accountable.

A good example is a look at the swamp, the FBI, CIA, NSA and justice Department over the past10 years or so. What about the new Beijing Biden Regime and the Socialists Democratic Party coming to power. Holy crap the fist week  of the Beijing Biden Regime was just mind blowing with over 45 executive orders and counting.

From the Senate floor speech’s Thursday morning, McConnell claimed that Beijing Biden as a candidate had declared “you can’t legislate by executive action unless you are a dictator.” Well he right about that! It looks to me that Biden Regime believes they are able to pursue their agenda through executive actions without  going through the House and Senate.

Beijing Biden is a dictator!

From what I can see and hear it sounds like all this corruption is Legal in America Today.

Now I know I’m right about this, in a Constitutional Republic based on Laws, this crap is not legal. It’s violates our elected representatives Oath of office to Uphold and Protect the Constitution.

Isn’t this by definition … TREASON?

I was taught that we the people are responsible for the character of our Government. If that body is ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, which it is, it is because we the people tolerate the ignorance, we have become recklessness, and we are a corrupt nation.


Elected representatives of who?  

Elected representatives work for who?

Elected representatives get paid by who?

We the people are responsible for the character of our Government

That’s just the facts.

Today if you still believe that America is a Constitutional Republic, governed in a representative fashion, based on the Will and Voice of We The People, now run by the new Power Hunger Beijing Biden Regime / Socialists Democratic Party …….. you are either dangerously ignorant, you have been totally propagandized by the Socialists , or possibly even … brain dead……………………..

It’s broke! …… It’s not working!

It looks and sound like to me the problem we have in America,We The People just don’t have the ……………….The Political Will……………………… to make the changes needed.

I can tell you who does have the Political Will and they a boat load of it is Socialists Democratic Party and Beijing Biden Regime. I can tell who don’t have the Political Will to bring about the changes needed, the Republican Party,  hey! they wouldn’t stand up and fight for President Trump in Congress or the Senate on the impeachment trial .  (Only 2 Republicans spoke up)

In our polarized presidential system, there’s plenty of political will —on just one side, the Socialists Democratic. They have no problem with supportive decision-makers go all out with intense preferences around a core set of goals. On the other side now the Republican have a major problem muster enough political will around their goals to decisively claim political legitimacy and overcome  any of the veto players may be in the house or Senate.

With the two parties having drifted so–so– far apart, separated both demographically and geographically, both party’s are so divided against itself I think it going to be a huge problem or almost impossible to come and work together on a set of goals for nation problems. I just don’t see it.

You can see more and more, the parties have fundamentally different perspectives on what’s wrong with the country, what even counts as a problem. And even when they agree on problems, there is  huge fundamentally different kinds of solutions.

Do we rise up and push back against tyranny and corruption to leave a free and prosperous America for our children  and grandchildren, or go back to sleep and nodding our heads and say yes to these socialists masters?

That bring me  back to the 2 questions I asked.

Elected representatives work for who?   We The People

Elected representatives get paid by who?  We The People

This hit me like ton of bricks after Beijing Biden’s executive orders in his first week in office have a few common themes: subordinating the economy to climate change madness; on top of that using the strong arm of government to impose “racial equity” and more.What in the hell do you think the next four years bring?—or possibly eight years?—of Beijing Biden as president of the United States will utterly transform America as to make it unrecognizable. America will not be a land of opportunity. Instead, it will be come a land of corruption ,greedy crony capitalism, influence peddling, run solely for the benefit of the Beijing Biden and the Socialists Democratic. It will, in fact, be the fulfillment of a dream the Socialists Democratic Party has they have had from the beginning…a dream of stealing America for the Power,and politically favored for the very few.

Rules For Thee But Not For Me

Socialists Democratic Party   (Motto) 

I feel sorrow for my children and grandchildren, who may never know what it is like to look at the American flag and have pride swell their hearts, but instead feel only fear from a repressive authoritarian government witch have been put upon us by the Socialists Democratic by this last election .

At this time of my life I have  been all over the world, I served in the US Navy, I have had a great career in the Oil & Gas industry.  But now!…  I’m being  invaded by fear, sorrow……………remorse……….. because this crap is all being done in our names, by a county I’m so proud to be a citizen and now………. I having to hide my face in shame when Beijing Biden and Socialists Democrats open there mouths and try to cram this Socialists stupidity down our throats and the world day after day week after week, year after year.

I thought about this :

The most recent socialist disaster is Venezuela. Think about Venezuela, folks. At one point Venezuela’s economy was better then the ours was. If one of the wealthiest countries in South America, with the largest oil reserves in the world, ( in the WORLD ) can fall victim of this kind of financial stupidity, it can happen here. In the same way, It just did with the election of  Beijing Biden Regime.

Everything we have – every dime in our pockets, every car, the loans that make buying them possible, every home and every cent that makes our lives the best in the world – comes from an investor who put their money on the line for a business.

It is business that generates jobs, tax dollars and pays for everything we have. Yes, unfortunately, it also pays the salaries by our tax dollars of those elected financial illiterates who are our elected representatives that sell us out every day.

That’s  my thought for the day!  At this point in time … Like him or not folks … Trump seems to be our best bet for regaining at least some control of OUR Republic! We shall see… we need to GO! Work on 2022 & 2024.

We the people are responsible for the character of our Government

We have to find The Political Will to hold the elected representatives accountable

We need to do a better job on how and who we vet for our elected representatives

Political Will!

What’s It Going To BE!