Waco – A New Revelation

This 1999 film opened Pandora’s box with an excellent examination of the events.Once again the crime goes all the way to the top,with the true criminals never seeing the light of day.The policies employed by our government are not legal and continue to mock the Constitution, which is the Law of the Land. It is our Law, the peoples law to keep the government in check. Instead we have lost control of our country, which looks more like a criminal empire than a Republic. For a country founded on Dissent and Revolution, we have evolved into slaves to a corporate Empire. History is not teaching us anything if we don’t remind ourselves of it once in a while.



Now what we are seeing exposed is the deep deep corruption of the FBI ATF and the US Government …what a disastrously dishonest group! The FBI ATF has now been exposed as being [dishonest]. It’s the leadership that’s being poisoned by extreme politics. They’re all political hacks. And frankly, I’m calling for their arrest.